A WILDHORN Wallet is built to last decades and not just years. Made from real leather hides our wallets are never made from processed leather. With a tiny bit of care, your wallet will last for many years to come.

  1. Every couple of months or so wipe your wallet down with a damp cloth that is almost dry. This will remove any surface dirt.
  2. About twice a year rub a very small amount of WILDHORN Belt Dressing on the wallet using your finger if desired. Please note this will darken the leather somewhat. Use a very small amount and rub clean with a dry rag after application to prevent transfer to your pants.
  3. Don't overstuff your wallet. This can stress seams and leather. Load it up...just don't overdo it.
  4. If you are not going to be using your wallet do not store it in a hot or cold environment. Also, avoid basements and damp environments. Place it in a dresser drawer or other area in your living space. Basements and attics are a no-no.
  5. Leathers number one enemy is water. If your wallet gets soaked empty the contents from it and let it air dry naturally. Don't use hair dryers or put it in the oven. This will cause the leather to become brittle and hard. Once dry gently massage the wallet to restore softness or apply a light coating of Hanks Belt Dressing with your finger. Most of our wallets are made from goatskin which handles water much better than cowhide, Still, water is the number one enemy.

That's it. Caring for your Hanks Wallet is really easy and we think they get better looking the more they are used. They develop a patina and finish unique to your style of use getting better with age.


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